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Blind Monkey Collaborative presents L I S T E N, a unique collaborative experience for a real connection through art, movement, and sound at the Earth Lodge in Guatemala.
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I chose the venue, the Earth Lodge, for its unique location and natural beauty. The owners, Drew and Briana, have created a rustic and tranquil destination 6000 ft in the mountains above Antigua, Guatemala.

Whether you choose to just come up on a day pass or get crazy and purchase a full 3 day event pass, you will be treated to incredible views of the three volcanos and the valley below.

NOTE: The Earth Lodge is located at the bottom of a 300 meter path. You will need to be able to get down to the Lodge, and more importantly, climb back up after your full and amazing day of activities!

Earth Lodge View
Earth Lodge


Shuttles from Antigua to Earth Lodge

Shuttle pick-up will be in Antigua at Parque Central on the Cathedral side. Shuttles will leave Antigua at 8:00 am, 8:30 am, 9:00 am, and 9:30 am.

You will be able to choose your departure time when you purchase your ticket.

Shuttles from Earth Lodge to Antigua

For the return shuttle, there will be a sign-up board at the event. Shuttles will begin departing the Earth Lodge at 9:30 pm and leave approximately every 20 minutes.

For those of you with a Day Pass and are staying the night, there will be a couple of shuttles back to Antigua leaving between 9-10 am.

Cathedral in Parque Central
Shuttle pickup in front of the cathedral in Parque Central
Santa Catalina Arch, Antigua. Photo by Pedro Szekely
Santa Catalina Arch, Antigua. Photo by Pedro Szekely

Airport Shuttle to Antigua

Located inside the airport
Q80 ($10)


We have many dependable taxi drivers that can pick you up from the airport and take you where you need to go in Antigua.  Please email us and we will organize your ride.

Taxis are Q250 ($35 USD).

No Traffic – trip takes about 45 minutes

No Parking at the Earth Lodge! We cannot stress this enough-there is no place to park your car at the Earth Lodge. The entrance is located at the end of a one-way dirt road with a tight turn around spot.


Packing list:
  • shoes/boots with tread
  • flip flops/sandals
  • layers are best-temperature can range between 55F and 80F (check weather below)
  • bathing suit for Mayan Sauna
  • sun hat
  • flashlight
  • water bottle
  • money for food & beverages
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • drum, tambourine, harmonica, flute, or any other percussive instrument
  • an open mind and a sense of humor
  • towel for sauna and shower
  • bug spray if you might want it
  • yoga mat
  • something to weave into the Weaving Wall
  • sleeping bag/pad


Weather in Guatemala is typically warm and sunny 25 degree days with cool nights. At 6000 feet, Earth Lodge does get cooler, and you should plan your wardrobe accordingly. In April we usually do not get rain, but we ask you to check the weather report, and use your best judgment in what you bring to stay comfortable!